Brake Kit (FBK.US.06) (USA)

CALP-7-8K-SS 7-8k calliper – stainless steel X 2
RTR-131-7K-SS rotor – 13″, slip over, ventilated, stainless steel X 2
DBB-60R-MAXX Calliper mounting bracket X 2
EBS.BG.007 Bearing set – 25580 Inner and 14125A Outer X 2
GS-2250DL Seal X 2
FA-SN100 Castle nut X 2
FA-SW100 Washer X 2
FA-CP175 Pin X 2
HUB-865-GALV Hub – extended, galvanised X 2
WN1220 Wheel nuts – steel, zinc plated, 1/2″ UNF X 16


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4000+ kg trailer
60mm round axle
Hydraulic brakes
stainless steel
13″ rotor
USA #42 spindle


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